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Plasmatology Group is a new model in aesthetic medicine.

Our vision and model is to globally seek out innovative technologies and products, test these products for effectiveness and safety based on sound clinical data and peer reviewed journals and bring these technologies to Canada sooner then what we are seeing currently. We will provide our clinics with the best technology that we have hand picked from different manufacturers throughout the world. This along with our commitment to provide unparalleled training and support will ensuring our clinics the ability to provide both a high patient satisfaction along with a high ROI.

We are happy to introduce the first of many devices to be seen through Plasmatology Group…Plexr Plus

One of the newest technological advances in this arena is the development of plasma energy to alter skin surface and architecture. As a technology, plasma energy may bridge the gap between ablative and nonablative energies.

Plexr Plus (or plasma soft surgery) is a non-surgical treatment used to lift the eyes (blepharoplasty), by treating the skin laxity, improves scars, treats moles, skin tags and other unwanted superficial skin legions. Unlike surgical treatments for these problems, Plexr Plus does not require general anesthetic and recovery time is much shorter.


How can we help you?

It has been said that “the best way to get rid of a laser rep is to buy a device.”

Our team will be anything but invisible. We have structured our training so that we give you the initial tools to get started and then follow that training up by a second day of training to answer any questions now that you have had the opportunity to work with the device. We will show you how to integrate Plexr plus with your existing technology to create sound protocols when combining Plexr plus with other technologies.

Does the training stop there? Absolutely not!  Each month clinics will be able to drop in to one of our training facilities to help new employees understand the technology or just to answer any specific questions or concerns the clinic might be experiencing.


Marketing… we got you covered.

Print-ready brochures, videos, images and pull up banners and more.

Our website was built with our clients in mind. It will not only provide info to the public but will also drive new clients to your business through our find a doctor header.

Plexr Plus will be marketed through various platforms such as google, YouTube, facebook and instagram driving the public to our website and you got it straight to you.

Our instagram will be linked to GMV’s instagram allowing clients to see the worldwide use and continual results from Dr’s all over the world only re enforcing their expectations from your clinic.

We look forward to our partnership

Kim DiCianna

Kim DiCianna


Kim Dicianna, owner of Plasmatology Group has over 30 years of experience in the medical esthetic field. As a result of working side by side with dermatologists and plastc surgeons,Kim has developed unique potocols that she shares with clinics when training throughout the North American market.

Kim’s love of the industry and her striving ability to bring the best treatments to clients is the basis of how Plasmatology Group was started.

William Summers

William Summers


William Summers brings to the company a wealth of over 25 years experience in both pharmaceutical & medical aesthetic sales & consulting. He has worked in the past for Schering Canada with prescription drugs, Medicis Aesthetics with Restylane/Perlane HA injectables, Syneron, Cutera & Aya/Lutronics in laser & medical aesthetics technology sales. William would love to discuss with you the potential of growing your practice with our innovative & exciting new product line.

June Gordon

June Gordon


Announcing the addition of June Gordon to our team, a highly recognized professional which brings to our practice 35 years of experience.” Specializing in skin tone and skin quality.”

June strives to keep up-to-date with her extensive education and practical experience of Advanced Skin Care, Laser Therapies, New Technology and Product Ingredients.

June enjoys teaching advanced medical and laser technology and techniques to aestheticians and medical professionals. She has taught in large colleges, vocational trade schools and privately for many years.




Paying it Forward

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Camp Bucko