Scientific Papers

2019 Rota – Plasma Exeresis a novel approach to treat Gummy Smile

2019 Rossi – Synergic effect of plasma exeresis and non–cross‐linked low

2019 Nejat – Safety Evaluation of the Plasma on Ocular Surface Tissue an Animal

2018 Rossi – Plasma Exeresis Treatment for Epidermoid Cyst

2018 Rossi – Plasma exeresis for active acne vulgaris

2018 Rossi – Favre-Racouchot syndrome-report of a case treated by plasma exeresis

2018 Nalewczyńska – The use of a plasma generator (Plexr) to treat the symptoms of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA)


2017 Rossi – Clinical and Confocal Microscopy Study of Plasma


2017 Sotiris – The Gas Ionization by Plasma Technology for Noninvasive Techniques in Oculoplastic

2017 Sotiris – New Treatment with Plasma Exeresis for Non- Surgical Blepharoplasty

2017 Sotiris – Combination of Autologous Treatments for Non–Invasive Blepharoplasty

2017 Rossi – Clinical and Confocal Microscopy Study of Plasma

2016 Tealdi – PLEXR Report Follow up

2016 Sotiris – Presentation Of Old And New Histological Results After Plasma Exercises

2016 Roye – Plasma Technology for skin rejuvenation

2016 Rossi – Applications of Plasma Exeresis in Dermatology

2016 Pous – Plexr news that many were waiting for

2015 Sotiris – The Efficiency Of Vibrance (Needle Shaping) And O.F.F (Non Surgical Dermal Ablative Treatment) On Body Reshaping

2015 Sotiris – Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Injectable Hyaloronic Acid VS Needle Shaping (Vibrance) O.F.F

2015 Sotiris – Clinical And Histological Presentation After Plexr Application, Needle Shaping (Vibrance) And O.F.F

2015 Marangon – Blepharoplasty By Plexr

2014 Mezzana – PLASMA EXERESIS of the vulva