Scientific Papers


PlexR Scientific Papers

2019 Rota – Plasma Exeresis a novel approach to treat Gummy Smile

2019 Rossi – Synergic effect of plasma exeresis and non–cross‐linked low

2019 Nejat – Safety Evaluation of the Plasma on Ocular Surface Tissue an Animal

2018 Rossi – Plasma Exeresis Treatment for Epidermoid Cyst

2018 Rossi – Plasma exeresis for active acne vulgaris

2018 Rossi – Favre-Racouchot syndrome-report of a case treated by plasma exeresis

2018 Nalewczyńska – The use of a plasma generator (Plexr) to treat the symptoms of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA)


2017 Rossi – Clinical and Confocal Microscopy Study of Plasma


2017 Sotiris – The Gas Ionization by Plasma Technology for Noninvasive Techniques in Oculoplastic

2017 Sotiris – New Treatment with Plasma Exeresis for Non- Surgical Blepharoplasty

2017 Sotiris – Combination of Autologous Treatments for Non–Invasive Blepharoplasty

2017 Rossi – Clinical and Confocal Microscopy Study of Plasma

2016 Tealdi – PLEXR Report Follow up

2016 Sotiris – Presentation Of Old And New Histological Results After Plasma Exercises

2016 Roye – Plasma Technology for skin rejuvenation

2016 Rossi – Applications of Plasma Exeresis in Dermatology

2016 Pous – Plexr news that many were waiting for

2015 Sotiris – The Efficiency Of Vibrance (Needle Shaping) And O.F.F (Non Surgical Dermal Ablative Treatment) On Body Reshaping

2015 Sotiris – Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Injectable Hyaloronic Acid VS Needle Shaping (Vibrance) O.F.F

2015 Sotiris – Clinical And Histological Presentation After Plexr Application, Needle Shaping (Vibrance) And O.F.F

2015 Marangon – Blepharoplasty By Plexr

2014 Mezzana – PLASMA EXERESIS of the vulva

NeoGen Scientific Papers

NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma System Perspectives on Expanded Uses and Claims Report Kirby 2019

Nitrogen plasma skin resurfacing 2016 – Bent

Treatment of Acne Scars Using the Plasma Skin Regeneration System (PSR)

Treatment of Traumatic Scars Using Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR) System

Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration and Aesthetic Facial Surgery 2009 – Holcomb, Kriston, Rousso

Advances in Plasma Skin Regeneration 2008 – Foster, Moy, Fincher

Fractional CO2 Laser & Plasmakinetic Skin Resurfacing 2008 – Groff, Fitzpatrick, Uebelhoer

Plasma Skin Resurfacing for Regeneration of Neck Chest and Hands – Investigation of a Novel Device – Tina Alster